Coretet -- Creating Tomorrow's Chamber Music Today

Commissioning New Music

Coretet is a new music program whose mission is to commission works for the core of frequently performed chamber music. The greatest works of the past are today’s canon, the works most often played in concert. Coretet aims to commission works that will join that canon, pieces that will live on in the concert hall long after their premieres. To further that aim, Coretet often partners with Yarlung Artists, a non-profit organization with complementary objectives, through which tax deductible contributions to Coretet are made.

Making Tomorrow’s Music

Coretet’s primary goal is to bring together composers and performance groups that know and enjoy working with one another. Each commission is meant to become part of the performing group’s regular programming, assuring a life beyond that of the first performance. Whenever possible, the best of each work’s performances will be made available to the general public through on-line media and high-quality recordings.

Supporting Youth

A second goal for Coretet is to support young composers and performance groups early in their careers. The composers and musicians coming out of our schools today write and play at unprecedented levels of skill. They view chamber music as a vital part of their lives. Coretet has the privilege of working with the very best of them so that today’s new music will live on into the far future.

Giving You Opportunities

Coretet’s third goal is to give you the chance to participate in the exciting world of commissioning new music. Commissioning new music is, as it has always been, the prerogative of wealth, whether individual or state or church. Now, through Coretet, you too can help bring to life music that you will treasure for the rest of your life, adding to the core repertoire that your descendants will inherit.