Diego Schissi

Composer and pianist Diego Schissi, born and raised in Argentina, is best known in the worlds of jazz and Latin American music. Founder of the Diego Schissi Quinteto, he has played extensively in Brazil and Argentina where he has developed his own take on tango to great acclaim. Many of his pieces take off from dance or song forms, and are written for diverse instrumental ensembles, usually ones that include a piano part.

Diego Schissi's 2012 composition for percussion without piano "Juego de Relojes" was part of the Grammy-nominated album "Smoke and Mirrors Vanishes", recorded by Yarlung Records. In the new work Coretet  commissioned, Schissi returns to the world of piano, with a substantial work written for the Sibelius Piano Trio. Schissi's trio is part of another recording by Yarlung Records, released in 2016.

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