About Coretet

Coretet is a new music program whose mission is to commission works for the core of frequently performed chamber music. Composers and performance groups that know and enjoy working with one another are joined in each commission so that the resulting work becomes part of the performing group’s regular programming, thus assuring a life beyond that of the first performance. Coretet aims to support younger composers and performance groups that are in the early in their careers when they most need help.Flute J

Coretet champions a young generation of music makers. Chamber music is in the midst of a new period of growth and Coretet is part of it. We recognize that young composers, as they have always been, are inventive. They bring fresh ideas into the mix of their sound world which combines the best of the past with the new. The musicians on the brink of great careers today love new sounds and instrumental groupings, but they also love writing music that audiences want to hear. Coretet wants to help them further that aim. The new music Coretet commissions may sound adventurous to the ear at first, but will grow familiar with the repeat performances we envision.